Title: Letter To America


SubTitle: “The Nightmare of American Relationships Explained - A Healing British analysis . . .


The Content: A powerful and disarmingly candid thesis which, for the first time, identifies and penetrates the behavioural veneer that conceals America’s specific range of interpersonal and sexual tensions and their relentlessly damaging effects upon American relationships.
    The author argues that a deeply-entrenched, culturally-driven gender imbalance has kept Americans emotionally and sexually imprisoned in a torture chamber of confusion, anxiety and denial, but that now, through his book, they will be able to secure understanding and release from the cultural manipulation and conditioning of long-suppressed emotional and sexual impulses.
    This constructive discourse provides a bold and imaginative insight into the causes of, and essential keys to gaining release from the unspoken but very real interpersonal distress and sexual incompatibilities that American people have now collectively endured, the author claims, for well over a century.


Part 1: ‘The Problem’ in which Bill Howard candidly explains how the involuntary collapse of traditional masculinity produced a clutch of inter-gender misinterpretations, contradictions and instabilities which have become embedded within the collective American subconscious.
    Seen from a British viewpoint, this wide-ranging and judicious account not only interprets but makes real, down-to-earth common sense of America’s unique cross-cultural variables in inter-gender attitudes, values and behaviour.
    Nailing the lie behind America’s obsessive, high-profile attitudes to sexuality his insightful analysis highlights the causes of the all-too-often unbalanced and unhappy state of relationships, and confronts many contextual examples of what he interprets as country’s seething mass of repression-driven, psychosexual manifestations.


Part 2: ‘The Solution’ is Howard’s simple and practical prescription for enabling Americans to 'find themselves' and, thereafter, like the rest of humanity, to simply 'be themselves'; ie. to discard their chronic reliance on ‘acting’ and to cast off their multi-layered ‘facial, vocal and behavioural masks’ by systematically confronting their collective psychological ills of sexual guilt, anxiety, rage and insecurity.
    As he gently shakes the slumbering American male psyche out of more than a century of self-imposed emasculation, Bill forcefully but compassionately shows American man how he lost his way then proceeds to put him on the right right path. He offers Americans of both genders a simple blueprint for a radical realignment of their emotional output which, he claims, will help remove conflict areas, enhance intimacy and improve problem-solving and communication.


The Mission: To expose the generational cycle of sexual repression and denial embedded within American culture and to implement a behavioural adjustment programme which will effectively instill correct equilibrium, truthful communication, genuine understanding, peace, harmony, openness and passion into American relationships.


The Philosophy: That the established, traditional principles of male and female interaction which have successfully governed and sustained relationships since the dawn of human history are not only fundamental, universal and immutable truths of human nature but essential cornerstones for the attainment of human happiness and contentment. America is the exception that has proven the rule.


The Key: In ‘Letter To America’ Bill Howard forthrightly cuts through layers of fear and confusion and demolishes the sexual manipulations, deceptions and speculations of American relationships. Howard explains simply, clearly and honestly how America’s ancestors inadvertantly sowed the seeds of their descendents’ emasculation, how the neurosis has suffocated the American libido ever since - but how, equipped with new insight, power and understanding, today's American men can acquire:



_________ABSOLUTE understanding within their relationships


________COMPLETE emotional freedom and security


________FULL restoration of their stolen masculinity - and


________TRUE love and respect from their loved ones